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Antenna Grommet

One thing that can hamper a perfect fit is your car's antenna. If your vehicle has a retractable antenna, this should not be a problem. There are also a select few covers come with an antenna pocket built into the design, but many do not have this feature. If your cover does not say "w/ Antenna Pocket" in the model, then you are also already covered. For those of you who do not have a retractable antenna or antenna pocket built in, the antenna grommet is the perfect solution. This easy-to-mount, scratch-free, plastic grommet can be placed at the exact location of your antenna, relieving stress on the antenna and allowing your cover to sit better on the vehicle.

Marking for antenna grommetCutting hole for grommetCar cover antenna grommet

Our goal is to provide you with the best fitting car cover possible. That's why we only sell Covercraft Custom-Fit Car Covers and provide a FREE Antenna Grommet with every car cover purchase. Simply select this free accessory during checkout. payment methods
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